Princeton, CA (?)

3 03 2010

Princeton is an indie band out of LA. It started with twin brothers Jesse & Matt Kivel and childhood friend Ben Usen on Princeton St in Santa Monica. Although it began in 90’s, they officially formed after a prolonged stay in London back in 2005 after adding drummer, David Kitz. Currently, the band is  based out of the Eagle Rock (CA) area where they just recorded they’re first full length album, Cocoon of Love. When I first heard these guys, I assumed they were from the East coast given the name and their indie sound but once I figured out it’s an LA thing, it made a little more sense. Upon listening to the music, you can hear it’s a bit lighter than some of the stuff coming out of Brooklyn but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Much of their themes are centered around love but they have an interesting and creative approach to the subject, which I particularly like… the Lady GG is a big fan as well.  In fact she is the one who turned me on to it with their initial 2008 EP release, Bloomsbury. They sight some of their influences as The Kinks, Sam & Dave and Yo La Tengo, so you know they are on to something. It’s all good stuff… check it out.

I don’t know who these guy’s use as their visual artist but it’s good stuff. The videos and album covers look great and they have some pretty cool swag too.

Princeton performing “Clamoring For Your Heart” live in the KCRW studio

Another Song: “Show Some Love, When Your Man Gets Home”

Official Princeton site

Princeton on MySpace

Princeton Online Store… check out the cool Virginia Woolf T Shirt




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3 03 2010

Dude! I’m totally friends with Jesse’s girlfriend, Zinzi. Just saw her yesterday. Zinzi and Jesse are also in a sideband called Kisses (–and we’re going to check them out next month. Word.

3 03 2010

hey i heard about these guys a couple months back from another blog and i have been listening to them quite a bit. life must be easier out there because all these LA indie bands seem to shift away from the brooding and depressing sadness of their BK counterparts and shift right into a hippie love fest where you can just be happy and actually hear instruments. have we talked about edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes before? they’re an LA band that takes the hippie thing a little farther but well worth a listen.

3 03 2010

Wow… you hit it right on the head. I couldn’t agree more as far as the difference in the sound goes. I, for one, am glad that there is a bizzaro version of what they are cramming down our throats out here in NY. I find it quite refreshing. We have not talked about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes yet but I would welcome any insight. My friend, PBeat & J, did a nice post on them not too long ago. Other than that, I have only “heard of” them, rather than actually heard the music. I guess it’s time to give it a proper listen.

3 03 2010

Check that… Lady GG just informed me that I have been listening to Edward Sharpe & The Magentic Zeroes without even realizing it. Here is the video for “Home“, one of the few songs I do know. btw- I like this song… great chorus and good video too.

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