Sneak Peek: MGMT | Flash Delirium

10 03 2010

MGMT has “leaked” this single a month early from their forthcoming album, Congratulations… to be released in full on April 13th from Columbia. The song is “Flash Delirium” and has been met with mixed reviews thus far. I am not going to weigh in so heavily on this one as I think it may be a bit premature. My first impression is that I think it’s pretty decent. It feels like a hodge podge of different elements without straying too far from the MGMT electro-pop sound. Upon first listen, you want to hear something more like “Time To Pretend” or “Electric Feel”, which it is not. Nevertheless, the more you hear – the better, as you learn how to detach yourself from the old (now 4yrs old) material. I also think that it’s hard to have a true opinion without hearing it in the context of the entire album. I know, most pop bands are not making albums in that manner these days but I always think it is important to consider the work as a whole before commenting one way or another. Based on this little taste, its hard to say I don’t like  it as it sounds A LOT like David Bowie… which I love. Upon the 3rd or 4th listen, some of the Bowie-isms really pop. Actually, I hate to draw too close of a comparison because, let’s face it, Bowie practically invented electro pop/rock. That said, I might just say MGMT’s new stuff is a little throw-back…. in a good way.

AMENDED: Sony BMG (Columbia) has removed every single version of this song from YouTube, including the official video that was uploaded to MGMT’s own channel. I find this to be really stupid considering the amount of coverage it is gaining them. Plus, it completely contradicts the point of the intentionally leaked release. I mean, the MP3 is downloadable form the MGMT webiste!  As a side note: The visual aspect of the official video was very boring anyway… nothing like their other videos.  The album cover is below… not great but it’s a little more stimulating.

This imagery reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog or something from the 16bit world of 90’s videogamedom.

For reference, here is some of their old stuff. It helps if you are trying to make a comparison, albeit a little unfair to do so…

BTW– I also found this old video of early MGMT doing a Talking Heads cover of “This Must Be The Place” at Wesleyan College 2003.

In a piece in SPIN Magazine, the duo says Congratulations will be a more a more “unified” experience. Check it out as soon as you can and make that call for yourself… you can pre-order here.




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13 04 2010
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