Ruth Flowers | aka DJ Mamy Rock

13 03 2010

Amazing what you can find on the internet, just amazing. Apparently I’m the last to know that there is a 69 year old granny from the UK taking the Paris club scene by storm. Her name is Ruth Flowers and although she’s been working at this for about 4 years, she is supposedly still working on her first single “Mamy Rock”. As much as I believe this is just a clever marketing ploy, I am enjoying it nevertheless. The funny thing is, it is working. She has actually booked numerous high level gigs and is bolstering some acclaim (real or otherwise).

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the lovely ol’ bird herself. Ladies & gentlemen, Ruth Flowers…

The BBC did a great little piece on Ruth that catches her in some nice candid moments. It’s very charming.

To hear just a wee taste of Ruth’s upcoming single “Mamy Rock” all you have to do is click here.

For a good laugh, I strongly encourage everyone to visit her site to learn a bit more about her and her recent endeavors: Official Site. There are some off-putting photos and plenty of other things that may potentially make you uncomfortable. Oh and, this is also where you go if you want to book her for your next birthday party or Bar Mitzvah.




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