The Beatles | I’ve Just Seen A Face

6 04 2010

I just love this Beatles tune “I’ve Just Seen A Face”. It’s originally from the 1965 album Help! but was also added to the Capitol Records version of Rubber Soul for it’s American release.  Although credited as Lennon/McCartney it is actually a McCartney song. Paul is especially fond of it as evidenced by the fact that not only does he still play it live today, it was also just one of 5 Beatles songs he played during his Wings Over America Tour in 1975. Notable because at this point he was really shying away from all things Beatles. It’s one of the few songs in the entire Beatles catalog that is a country tune. Given the tempo, it could almost even be categorized as Bluegrass except that there is no banjo or fiddle. The instrumentation is a bit unique. There is no bass, just guitars with a snare drum and tambourine. If you are not too familiar, you have to check it out. It’s one of Lady GG’s favorite songs from the Fab Four and I can’t blame her… just have a listen.

Apparently a lot of musicians like this song as there are numerous covers. I found just a few that I thought I would share. I really like David Lee Roth’s and Eddie Vedder’s versions. Lady GG is obsessed with the Jim Sturgess version:

David Lee Roth’s tasteful cover… not the usual Diamond Dave, it’s actually VERY good

Eddie Vedder doing it a cappella at a Pearl Jam concert

Paul & Wings on the Wings Over America Tour circa 1975

Jim Sturgess’s version from the film Across The Universe

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