14 01 2010

I can’t stop singing this song lately. I love the original by Bobby Hebb. He wrote it in November of 1963 the day after JFK was assassinated, coincidentally the same day his brother was killed. Bobby said later that he was “basically looking for a brighter day”. It’s really cool to listen to it in that context. The song has been covered about 100 times but Bobby’s is by far the best. The melody is really catchy so sorry in advance if you’re whistling this one all day.

If you are interested in other versions, there are tons. Everyone’s done it from Marvin Gaye to Wes Montgomery, Cher to The Four Tops, Ella Fitzgerald to Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano to¬† James Brown, even Jamirquai. The Godfather of Soul’s is actually a really good one. This live performance is amazing. It’s James with the JB’s doing his thing and doing it well. Look at him go…

I feel as though I have to post this one from Boney M too. Not because it’s a great version but simply for the fact that Bobby Farrell (you’ll know who he is when you watch) is totally nuts in this performance. This guy was brought into the group simply for his moves. It’s all great to watch but you have to hang in there to see the really good stuff. I certainly don’t want to spoil it but, I will say there’s a cane involved and it’s definitely worth the wait. If you have a disco itch that needs scratching, this may be the cure.

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