Iconic NY

15 04 2010

I felt I had to share this great article from my friend PBeat & J. After having to completely overhaul the site due to a technical meltdown (yikes!), this is one of the first new posts to go up and it’s fantastic. It’s a summary of a really cool piece from the NY Post about iconic album covers that were photographed in NYC. If you’re local it’s very cool to be able to see some of these places in your own backyard. And if you’re not, it still makes for some awesome music history that is surely to be appreciated by any fan. Take a look at PB&J’s summary and then you can always dig deeper by following the link to the original piece in the Post.

PBeat & J:  April 15th, 2010 – Iconic NY

PS- I think my favorite of these album covers is The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan, but that’s probably just because it hits close to home… literally. I live just a few blocks away!

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