I recently picked up a digital copy of this live Curtis Mayfield album that I have been listening to on vinyl for a few years. Since getting it, I have listened to it at least 25 times. It’s live from a really old small club that’s right around the corner from me here in The Village (nyc), called The Bitter End. Since 1961 it has been a venue that helped launch the careers of dozens and dozens of big time artists including Taj Mahal, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Van Morrison, Pete Seeger… and of course, Curtis among many others. This performance is from January 1971, Curtis’ first live gig since leaving The Impressions. It’s a really cool record. Curtis plays some great songs, including a cover of the Carpenters’ hit “We’ve Only Just Begun” that is just amazing. Plus, he does these brief raps between songs in which he offers his point of view and how it relates to the music. The last 2 songs are not from this live performance but are good alternative versions of 2 Curtis classics that make for good bonus material to this album.

Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey)

Rap #1

I Plan To Stay A Believer

We’re A Winner

Rap #2

We’ve Only Just Begun

People Get Ready

Rap #3

Stare and Stare

Check Out Your Mind

Gypsy Woman

The Makings Of You

Rap #4

We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue

(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell We’re All Going to Go

Stone Junkie

Super Fly (Live from WTTW-TV Chicago)

Ghetto Child (Demo Version)

*Buy this Curtis Mayfield ablum

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Cool Plaque @ The Bitter End

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