Paul McCartney | Teddy Boy

9 11 2010

Today is one of my best bud’s b-days.  Yes, I am talking about you, Teddy boy.  There is a good chance that you are not be familiar with the McCartney tune “Teddy Boy.”  The song was first released on Paul’s first solo album McCartney in 1970 after The Beatles broke up.  However, it was recorded a year earlier during The Beatles’ infamous “Get Back” sessions but never officially released.  A composite version that blends multiple takes did surface eventually on the band’s Anthology III album. I really like Paul’s solo version best but this one is a lot of fun too. Check it out. As simple as this video is, I love it. As a Beatles fan, it’s so cool to get the virtual tour of Apple Studios circa 1969.


The Band | Ophelia

17 06 2010

Every time I hear the guitar solo in “Ophelia”, which is pretty often as I’m a huge  fan, I can’t help but comment on how good it is. It’s from their 7th album, the 1975 release Northern Lights – Southern Cross, which is far from their best work but this tune is a clear standout.  The Band’s lead guitarist and primary songwriter, Robbie Robertson, barely makes the “100 Greatest Guitarist” list but this solo may be one of the best studio rock solos ever recorded. It’s just so tastefully done, truly the epitome of short & sweet.  The melodic ideas are great and he mixes in some fantastic chord comping to further develop them. The whole piece utilizes just enough tension and release to make it compelling throughout. There is really never a dull moment. Below is the studio version of this track. The solo appears at 1 min 37 sec but don’t miss the intro he does right before that as it really sets up the whole thing, giving it great momentum.

Now this is not “Ophelia” related but I thought I had to include it if I was going to talk about The Band. It’s a really cool little video I found of them playing “King Harvest” in Robbie’s Woodstock, NY studio circa 1970. At the end there is an additional piece tacked on too. It’s a live video of them playing “Long Black Veil” from the documentary about the train tour they did with The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin, called Festival Express. The latter portion is good, of course, but the real gem is “King Harvest”. A great song and a very cool presentation. Check it out…


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