Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2011

The timing of Valentine’s Day this year makes for a weird posting day. With the Grammy’s being last night, I’m inclined to write a bit about the events of the evening. But if given the choice, I’d much rather share a little song I have been digging lately. It couldn’t be a more appropriate song choice for V-Day. It’s “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar. This song is really fun and the lyrics are very sweet. With a wedding in my near future (yes, The GG is getting married), I have been considering this tune for some part of the big day. Stay tuned for more on that.

You may actually recognize this from the Juno soundtrack. Check it out… and share it with your Valentine on this special day.

Talking Heads | Psycho Killer

10 11 2010

This tune is an all-time great. Not only are the song and lyrics amazing, but the various versions that exist make it legendary. As I said, the song as it appears in it’s original studio form is great but this acoustic guitar/drum machine version from The Talking Head’s 1984 concert film-meets-performance art piece, Stop Making Sense, is truly amazing. David Byrne, walks out on to an empty stage. Empty. As in, they haven’t even set up the backdrop or any of the band’s gear yet.  He drops a boombox at his feet and presses play to cue the drum track. Within seconds, Byrne begins to play those classic chords and then he rips into the verse. As he continues, the stage crew begins to build the set around him for the rest of the show. There is even an 80’s style drum break that comes at the end. Couple that with his moves and you got a real winner.  Check it out below.

And if you haven’t seen the whole film, make sure you seek it out immediately. It may very well be the best “concert” film of EVER!

Neil Young | Cowgirl in the Sand

13 10 2010

“Cowgirl in the Sand” is a great song from one of my favorite Neil Young albums, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969). It was Neil’s second solo album and his first with backing band Crazy Horse. This album has 3 of his most popular songs on it, all of which were written when he was sick with a 103° fever. Pretty remarkable stuff. “Cowgirl” was one of those tunes, along with “Cinnamon Girl” and “Down By The River”. As much as I like the studio version of this song, it tends to sound a little like another one of his great ones, “Southern Man”, at certain parts. But, this live acoustic version really makes it feel like it’s own song, and a fantastic one at that. It’s quintessential Neil Young. Although difficult to tell for sure, I believe this performance is from his solo acoustic show at Massey Hall in 1971. That concert captures Neil at his finest. Check out “Cowgirl in the Sand” and I will be sure to post more songs from that performance in the future.


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Studio (electric) version of “Cowgirl in the Sand”

Karen O @ The MoMA

26 05 2010

Last night I attended the Party in the Garden at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art. Every year the MoMA throws a big bash in the their garden courtyard. It’s a really fun event that attracts art lovers from all over the city. Not only do you get to enjoy the installations in their gorgeous outdoor space,  but there is also an open bar and a GREAT live act to enhance the ambiance. Last nights billing featured Karen O and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They were joined by a few guest to help them fill out the band. Although the night was an acoustic set that featured a string trio, it was not short on energy. As would be expected Karen and Co. exuded that same intensity that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are known for. The set list included a variety of tunes, dipping into some material that was produced for Spike Jonze’s film Where The Wild Things Are as well as numerous songs from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs original catalog. Perhaps it was the setting of the MoMA garden, the renewed sense of life that emerges in this city when the weather finally turns, or maybe just the free booze but it was an amazing night of music, art and fun. Below are a few pics snapped from the event as well as some video I captured with my Flip Camera. The quality is less than perfect but it still displays the essence of their performance, enthusiasm of the crowd and overall energy that filled this lovely outdoor space in midtown NYC.

Here is the video… the first one is “Soft Shock” from It’s Blitz!, this is a great tune. I think I may prefer the studio version because of the electric pulse, but this acoustic rendition is still very cool.

This second one is even more mellow. It’s “Hideaway” from the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack, which happens to be a really good collection of material considering it was produced soley for use in the film.

Finally, the last tune of the night was “Zero”. It was a great song to end on despite leaving me wanting more, but then again, I guess that’s the idea…


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