Al Green | Tired Of Being Alone

1 02 2011

Check out this footage of Al Green, circa 1972. This Soul School TV performance is Al with some serious swagger. It’s the look, the voice, the hair.  The song is “Tired Of Being Alone” from Green’s 1971 album Al Green Gets Next To You. It was was written in 1968 and originally intended for his previous album Green Is Blues. It never made that album due to numerous recording and production issues. But, alas, it was worth the wait. As you can see, he  definitely perfected it on the second attempt.  It was an instant hit, reaching #7 when it was released and has since been named as #293 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs list.

There are numerous covers of this famous tune. Although, none are half as good as Al’s. If I had to choose one, I’m fond of this Subdudes version. Check it out.


The Letter

31 01 2010

This classic from The Box Tops has been covered a lot. I found this video of what is probably the best version. It’s Joe Cocker doing it with the Mad Dogs & Englishmen band (1970). Cocker is notorious for his live performances, a la Woodstock. This one is a good one. I just can’t believe how big this band is. There are at least 30 people up there. It’s crazy… there are 3 drummers. It’s actually more like a party than band. Good tune though and the performance is cool.

Here is the original from the Box Tops. What a look… it kind of reminds me of The Thamesmen from the Spinal Tap movie. You know, the early band… initially called The Originals and then later The New Originals (due to a lawsuit), only to be changed to The Thamesmen.

As I said, this one has been covered a lot. There are versions by Bobby Darin, Al Green, Dionne Warwick, even the Beach Boys. Of all the countless versions, I like this one by Lou Rawls. Lou could really sing. Just listen to ’em…

More on The Letter.

More about Joe Cocker

The breakdown of the Mad Dogs & Englishmen Band. I’m a fan of the organ/keyboard player, The Master of Space and Time.

More about The Box Tops.

More about Lou Rawls.

Gimme Some Money – The Thamesmen

Get Ready

12 01 2010

Green Gorilla has finally arrived! After a few misguided attempts to create a space for this stuff, I did it. So…uhh… this is the new place. Sure, it’s not much now but with a fresh coat of paint, some updates… it’ll be the baddest place on the block.

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