Talking Heads | Psycho Killer

10 11 2010

This tune is an all-time great. Not only are the song and lyrics amazing, but the various versions that exist make it legendary. As I said, the song as it appears in it’s original studio form is great but this acoustic guitar/drum machine version from The Talking Head’s 1984 concert film-meets-performance art piece, Stop Making Sense, is truly amazing. David Byrne, walks out on to an empty stage. Empty. As in, they haven’t even set up the backdrop or any of the band’s gear yet.  He drops a boombox at his feet and presses play to cue the drum track. Within seconds, Byrne begins to play those classic chords and then he rips into the verse. As he continues, the stage crew begins to build the set around him for the rest of the show. There is even an 80’s style drum break that comes at the end. Couple that with his moves and you got a real winner.  Check it out below.

And if you haven’t seen the whole film, make sure you seek it out immediately. It may very well be the best “concert” film of EVER!


Run Run Away

28 01 2010

Away on “business” and found this cool B&W video of the Talking Heads doing “Psycho Killer” at CBGBs in the early 70’s. Then take a look at the one from the Stop Making Sense live film (1984). It’s the opening song. David Byrne comes out by himself with an acoustic guitar and the stage behind him is completely empty. Throughout the show the band gets larger and larger (and more electric) while the set is slowly assembled in the background. Throw in a really neat boom box and a giant suit and it’s a real winner. This movie is amazing. If you haven’t already, you really need to see the whole thing but for now here are a few good songs to sample. If you have seen it, I’m sure you want to see it again.


Stop Making Sense

Girlfriend Is Better

Life During Wartime

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

Burning Down The House

Here is a really cool article called “Start Making Sense” that was originally published in the LA Weekly back in 1984. It’s an interview with Director, Jonathan Demme, about making the movie and working with David Byrne.

More about the movie from Wiki.

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