Ruth Flowers | aka DJ Mamy Rock

13 03 2010

Amazing what you can find on the internet, just amazing. Apparently I’m the last to know that there is a 69 year old granny from the UK taking the Paris club scene by storm. Her name is Ruth Flowers and although she’s been working at this for about 4 years, she is supposedly still working on her first single “Mamy Rock”. As much as I believe this is just a clever marketing ploy, I am enjoying it nevertheless. The funny thing is, it is working. She has actually booked numerous high level gigs and is bolstering some acclaim (real or otherwise).

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the lovely ol’ bird herself. Ladies & gentlemen, Ruth Flowers…

The BBC did a great little piece on Ruth that catches her in some nice candid moments. It’s very charming.

To hear just a wee taste of Ruth’s upcoming single “Mamy Rock” all you have to do is click here.

For a good laugh, I strongly encourage everyone to visit her site to learn a bit more about her and her recent endeavors: Official Site. There are some off-putting photos and plenty of other things that may potentially make you uncomfortable. Oh and, this is also where you go if you want to book her for your next birthday party or Bar Mitzvah.

Run Run Away

28 01 2010

Away on “business” and found this cool B&W video of the Talking Heads doing “Psycho Killer” at CBGBs in the early 70’s. Then take a look at the one from the Stop Making Sense live film (1984). It’s the opening song. David Byrne comes out by himself with an acoustic guitar and the stage behind him is completely empty. Throughout the show the band gets larger and larger (and more electric) while the set is slowly assembled in the background. Throw in a really neat boom box and a giant suit and it’s a real winner. This movie is amazing. If you haven’t already, you really need to see the whole thing but for now here are a few good songs to sample. If you have seen it, I’m sure you want to see it again.


Stop Making Sense

Girlfriend Is Better

Life During Wartime

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

Burning Down The House

Here is a really cool article called “Start Making Sense” that was originally published in the LA Weekly back in 1984. It’s an interview with Director, Jonathan Demme, about making the movie and working with David Byrne.

More about the movie from Wiki.

Fairlight CMI

18 01 2010

Since I’m on the topic of Herbie Hancock, check out this video of Herbie and Quincy Jones playing around with a really old synthesizer, the Fairlight CMI. I first saw Herbie messing around with this thing on Sesame Street… waaaay back when. All I could remember was that it was really weird for children’s programming. I just found that same video on the web and upon watching again I pretty much came to the same conclusion (20+ years later). The CMI first came out in 1979 for like $25,000 and it basically became the sound of the 80’s. Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder bought the first 2 that rolled off the production line… which makes sense. You’ve definitely heard it before in many, many 80’s classics.

Note the light pen/stylus thingy. For some strange reason, it kind of reminds me of that weird pen, Mortimer Ichabod,¬† from Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages (Nickelodeon circa 1990-ish) . I don’t know, it must be the overt digitalness and/or the fact that it’s seems totally ridiculous because it’s supposed to be so ahead of it’s time and yet seems so dated. Little did they know the stylus would become completely obsolete in the new millennium. Look at us… just using our fingers to interact with these crazy gadgets.

There are numerous videos of this thing for reference, like Keith Emerson of ELP on The Today Show – 1983. This is actually a REALLY good one. It’s crazy to see their mentality about digital music in the early 80’s. You need to hear some of the questions this reporter poses. It borders on fear mongering. In 2010 it really sounds absurd.

There are also many more just like or very similar to that one but, I certainly¬† don’t want to post them all here so follow the links below back to YouTube if you are curious. I’m even linking Mortimer the Pen too. How could I not?

Other Video Links:

Mortimer Ichabod (Picture Pages Pen)

Fairlight Factory Tour -1984

Peter Gabriel shows you how he made some of his worst music on the CMI

Really odd UK news show, This Week, features the CMI. Old + odd… usually a recipe for a pretty decent video.

Additional Background References:

Wiki – Fairlight CMI

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