Brenton Wood | Gimme Little Sign

23 06 2010

This 1967 release from American soul singer Brenton Wood, is an R&B classic that you may catch on satellite radio but has since gotten little attention on terrestrial radio. Despite numerous covers and even a few remixes, the original which was written by Wood himself still proves to me the most successful, reaching #9 on the R&B charts back when it was released. I recently discovered this old footage of Brenton performing “Gimme Little Sign” live. The footage is from Top of the Pops, circa 1968.   It’s truly some authentic late 60’s soul. I really love his energy in this performance… and his moves are pretty great too.

As a side note, Brenton’s real name is actually Alfred Jesse Smith. A Louisiana native, he changed it to Brenton Wood after relocating to Southern California as a boy and graduating Compton High School. It has been rumored that he came up with the stage name as an homage to the tony area of Los Angeles, Brentwood.   Oddly enough, Brenton has not totally disappeared. He released an album of new material as late as 2001, called This Love Is for Real.


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