Luck Of The Irish

17 03 2010

For St. Patty’s Day it seemed appropriate to feature John Lennon’s “Luck of the Irish”. It’s from his 1972 post-Beatles release Some Time In New York City. John and Yoko got little known Elephant Memory to back them on this highly political album. This song and “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” (Not U2’s) were 2 songs from the same album that were about the tension in Ireland at the time. The latter, referencing the Bloody Sunday Massacre. On the same album is another song I really like, called “Cold Turkey”. The incredible trumpet player, Freddie Hubbard, does an amazing cover on his Hard-Bop meets Soul Jazz album Red Clay on the CTI label. That’s for another day. Today, we keep it focused on John. Erin go Bragh!

Alright… I couldn’t help it. Here’s of Lennon & Ono doing “Cold Turkey”. There was a really great live version with John in full Jesus beard but it’s been pulled off the web due to Copyright issues (Hrumpf!).

Rare footage from 1972 of Paul & Wings rehearsing their his own song about the conflict with Ireland, “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”.

Rare, slightly damaged footage of John & Yoko hanging out, smoking pot and rehearsing “Luck of the Irish” in their home in NYC.

Freddie Hubbard’s version of “Cold Turkey” from perhaps one of the best albums of all time, Red Clay.

More on Lennon’s Some Time in New York City album.


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