15 01 2010

Frankly, I’m amazed… that this is undeniably as good as Paul’s original. Well, in it’s own way of course. I may even dare to say it’s better. I know, I know… but there’s just something about it. Maybe because it’s so unexpected and yet so perfectly suited for this band. First, Ronnie Lane does a great McCartney impression in the beginning and then Rod takes over and pretty much seals the deal.

Digging that video up again after so long really got me in the mood for some more so I’m gratuitously posting two other favorites. Another great cover but this one is an old Motown song made a hit by The Temptations, called “(I Know) I’m Losing You”. They truly make it their own. Loads of energy. Just check out Kenney Jones’ drum solo.

And, of course,  my all time favorite Faces tune, “Ooh La La”. This one actually features Ronnie Lane as lead vocal. Sorry, there is no actual visual content here but that’s not what this is about anyway, right?


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