The Ides of March

15 03 2010

Today being March 15th, aka the Ides of March, I can’t help but be reminded of the brass band from the 70s by the same. Although not well known, they had a huge hit in 1970 called “Vehicle”. At the time it was the fastest selling single on their label, Warner Bros Records. Even back then, people would often confuse them for the more popular Blood, Sweat & Tears upon hearing the track as their brass and vocal style is quite similar. Below is the original “Vehicle” as well as a live version from Sammy Davis Jr that’s really cool.

Beware… The Ides of March!

More on The Ides Of March (band) from Wiki

1979 TV version of Julius Caesar: Act III – The Assassination (“e tu Brute” @ 5:16)


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