Cee-Lo | Fuck You!

1 09 2010

This is some pretty  interesting $h!t… Cee-Lo Green, of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley fame, released his newest single “Fuck You!” on YouTube. This first video is just the song with animated lyrics, but nevertheless received instant attention due obvious reasons: 1. the explicit title/lyrics and 2. the explicit pop-stickiness of the song itself. It’s true. It’s one of tunes that you embarrassingly catch yourself humming or singing, not unlike his Gnarls Barkley hit from 2006, “Crazy”.  So, this whole tactic is a relatively new concept. No doubt it’s inspired by the the current state of the recording industry, the ever-growing use of social media and the fact that this particular piece of work would be hard to release anywhere but the internet. He, rather wisely, is using YouTube (an extension of his social media) to promote his new album Lady Killer. At first, I didn’t think much of it but I got to thinking about how clever a move that is… and like that, I had forgotten about it. All of a sudden as of today, Green releases a more “traditional” MTV-style music video but this time via Facebook. The catch is: you have to “Like” his page. When I heard this I was at the same time both disgusted and impressed. All these little teasers actually seem to be working. People are talking about it and he is engaging fans (albeit a tad forcefully). I am only curious what the next step will be. At this same rate, it should only be another week or so ’til we find out.

Below is the original YouTube video with lyrics. Many will tell you that they can not yet offer the Facebook video as it is exclusive to Cee-Lo’s Facebook Page. Well, no here. I was able to obtain a copy and uploaded it as discreetly as possible so that you do not have to officially become a fan on FB. Before watching, I should tell you that this “Official Music Video” is not all that cool. Actually, it kind of reminds me of Pepsi commercial… and not one of the good ones. Check out, it’s the second video below.


Cee-Lo’s Official Site

Cee-Lo’s Facebook Page

More info on Cee-Lo Green

Read more about “Fuck You!” @ PitchFork.com HERE & HERE

Death Metal Barnyard

21 04 2010

I few months ago, a friend sent me this video of the now wildly famous “Death Metal Rooster”. Never being a fan of death metal (or any metal for that matter), I was rather put off by the title but after watching the video it was evident that this rooster has some real talent. As one might assume, now that this up and coming Gallus domesticus has found fame and fortune there are tons of other animals coming out of the woodwork to show him up… and it’s not just the birds either!

And for those that can’t perform, there’s always the mosh pit. If you ever wondered what 130+ cats look like at a heavy metal concert, this is probably as close you may ever get to finding out.

Apparently the Farmer wants in on this too as he has submitted his audition video for consideration… CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT


1 04 2010

As most of you know, I use YouTube almost exclusively to host the content on The Green Gorilla. I find it to be a great way to, both, host my own exclusive content as well as borrow some great stuff that’s already floating around the web. I’m sure you have heard something about the recent controversy between YouTube and Viacom regarding copyright issues and who’s responsibility it is to police such things. As someone who is walking that fine line regularly, I am particularly concerned about what happens in this case. Either way I have a back up plan and am prepared to host all my content privately but I like the interactivity that is available on platforms like YouTube and I would hate to see it reduced to something of far less value for us, the consumers. That being said, I stumbled across a interesting, funny and obviously biased article about this issue that I thought I would share:

March 18th, 2010 | YouTube – Broadcast Yourself

Since I’m on the topic of YouTube, I have a few other bits of info to share…

First, if you are a Green Gorilla fan you need to check out my YouTube channel as I’m now using it as a source archive for all my video content. Some of the videos I created myself because the music just wasn’t available to stream online yet, while others are “favorited” from other users channels. Regardless, as avid GG appreciators you can always visit my channel to listen to or watch any of this content. The link will always be available in my side bar or click here: The Green Gorilla YouTube Channel

Second, it appears that YouTube has changed their look around and is adding some new features. One of which allows you to download MP4 videos directly to your computer. I recommend you give it a try to see how it works. I just tried it and it’s great! Look for the download icon at the lower right hand corner of the video and select the format you want (not available in embedded content, you need to go to the actual page).

Third (and finally), as an April Fools joke YouTube has created a new viewing option called TEXTp. It creates a text version of the video that is streaming. They have a whole fake back story that says it’s a initiative to save the company money on bandwidth costs but it’s just prank for the April 1st occasion. The new format is actually pretty cool looking but does not work when embedding so I can’t show you here. You should give it a try when you get a chance. Here is the article that has the joke introduction as well as how to access the alt format: March 31st, 2010 | TEXTp


21 01 2010

I just became aware of a new site that has proven to be incredibly useful: www.mp3ify.com. It allows you to capture any YouTube content as either mp3 or mp4 (audio or video). It is currently free so take advantage of this while you can. I for instance just grabbed that Al Green video from my Get Ready post. It was one that I had wanted for a loooong time but could not find elsewhere. I say “take advantage while you can” because this is the type of service that will likely either go away completely or at the very least they will start charging for it. Now, as an artist I don’t necessarily condone stealing music but some of this YouTube stuff is not available anywhere else. For me, it’s all about capturing the video. You, on the other hand, can do whatever you want with it just let your conscience be your guide. I have had a few people ask how they can get some of my posted or referred tracks/videos… this is probably the easiest way to do it. So, uh… Pirates rejoice.

Convert YouTube content to MP3 or MP4

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